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Reschedule or Cancellation Policy

Payment for classes is expected at the time you register. To register:

By Mail: Print the Registration Form and mail it to the address below.
By Phone: Call (603) 286-3300 with your credit card information.
Email Us:  admin@hyslops.com  and provide the information on our
Registration Form.

Snow cancellation: It is our policy to put your personal safety first. If a major storm is predicted and Hyslop & Associates chooses to cancel the class, we will put a message on our office voice mail by 7:30 a.m. informing customers that we will be closed for the day. We will also attempt to contact each student who has registered to let them know the class will be rescheduled. If Hyslop & Associates chooses to run the class on snowy days, you may request to be rescheduled to the next session if you are not comfortable driving when the roads are bad.

To reschedule a class: Registration fees may be transferred to another workshop depending on availability of seating and if the request is received within 24 hours.

Cancellation Policy:  Full Refund. The school shall provide a student with a full refund, of all monies paid within 30 days if: (a) The school procured the student's enrollment as the result of any false representations in the written materials used by the school or in oral representations made by or on behalf of the school; or (b) The student withdraws from the program or course on or before the first day of instruction, a full refund, less an administrative fee, not to exceed $150.  Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules and regulations.   Other Refunds. (a) The school shall provide a student with a partial refund of monies paid within 30 days if: (1) A student who withdraws or is dismissed before 50% of the instruction period shall receive a pro-rata refund, less an administrative fee, not to exceed $350; (2) A student who withdraws or is dismissed after more than 50% of the instruction period shall receive no refund. (b) All efforts shall be made to refund prepaid amounts for books, supplies and other charges unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or sold to new students, or returned by the school to the supplier. Notice of Withdrawal. The school shall require that notice of withdrawal be in writing, but shall not require a specific manner of delivery. All refunds shall be paid within 30 days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal.

Student Conduct and Conditions for Dismissal:  Any student not conducting themselves in an orderly and professional manner, which includes being under the influence of drugs and alcohol during school hours, dishonesty, disrupting classes, use of profanity, excessive tardiness, insubordination, violation of safety rules, or not abiding by the school rules will lead to either probation or dismissal from classes.  Any student who was terminated for conduct may not be readmitted.


Updated 5/22/19